Transforming Image Registration and Recognition Technologies

Image Registration for retinal, defense, medical and photographic applications. DualAlign helps companies solve difficult computer vision and image processing problems. Our most widely used software libraries are integrated into solutions that automatically and precisely register images. With the help of our software, it is then possible to:

  • Visualize the development and progression of retinal diseases
  • Compare real-time and archival imagery
  • Generate precisely-registered, distortion-free, wide field of view mosaic images
  • Compare images captured by different types of sensors in different wavelengths
  • Automatic Processing
  • Generate Control Points
  • Process Multiple Bands
  • Process Multiple Sensors
  • API for Custom Development
  • Cross Platform
The most advanced software package in the world for automatically registering and mosaicing two-dimensional images.
Multiple Modalities
Mosaic Sequences
Up to 1,000 Images
The most advanced automatic georeferencing software designed for the Remote Sensing market.
Control Points
Automatically register and mosaic any set of retinal images from fundus to fluorescein.
Multiple Modalities
The most sophisticated automatic panorama software recommended by CNET Editors.
Automatic Processing
Easy to Use