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General FAQ

Q: How can I transfer i2k Quickage / Align / Retina license to a new computer?

A: It is a simple process of de-activation and re-activation. First, de-activate the existing license on current computer. Install the software on the new computer. Then simply activate the software on the new compute with the same activation code. If de-activation is not possible, please contact customer support for assistance.

Q: I bought a Windows license, can I use it with Mac OSX instead?

A: Yes. Our Windows and Mac OSX licenses are interchangeable. Customer can choose either platform to work with.

i2k Align

Q: when aligning a set of images, is there a flag that will crop all the output images to include only the area that is present in all the images? In other words - cut away all the borders and spaces where only a few images overlap (but not all of them).

A: Yes, expand the options tab on the main window. One will see "Aligned Images Crop Options" (shown below). Please change that to Intersection, which will crop out areas where only some images have content but not all. If one needs one of the images to remain "fixed", right click the image, choose "set as target". A target image is the one that will remain fixed.

If a target image is chosen, one may also want to unselect "Distortion Correction", which try to move all images around a bit to minimize overall perspective distortion.