i2k Align Technology

i2k Align® is the most advanced software package in the world for automatically registering and aligning two-dimensional images and for constructing multi-image mosaics.

i2k Align Standard Key Features

  • Multiple Modalities - Automatically register images from many different modalities, including photographic, thermal, and near and far infrared.
  • Mosaic - Automatically generate a mosaic that can be fully blended, partially blended, or not blended at all.
  • Registration Tuning Dial - Adjust how aggressively the software attempts to register images. This is needed only for the toughest images.
  • Add Images - A user may add images to an existing project.
  • Auto-Masking - An optional setting tells the software to automatically remove background regions from the outside of an image
  • Subsets - Select a subset of images for output
  • Save transformations - Save the parameters of transformations estimated by the software for external use
  • Save correspondences - Save the correspondences generated by the software
  • Multiple Sizes - Generate multiple outputs at different sizes.
  • Number of Images - Process up to 75 images in each project.

i2k Align Pro Additional Key Features

  • Capture Groups - Images are organized into separate acquisitions, each being a collection of images taken at once
  • Region of Interest - Users can specify a region of interest for each image or for the entire set of the images
  • Mosaic Sequences - Generate multiple aligned mosaics, for example to visualize the changes to a wide area of interest over time.
  • Linked Views - After aligning images, i2k Align can display the original non-aligned images in side by side windows where the user can point to a spot in one image and a pointer displays the corresponding spots in the other images in other windows.
  • Image Acquisition Path - If the images are taken by moving the camera in a known way - such as in a grid pattern - this information may be used by the software to make processing faster and more reliable.
  • Multiband - images captured in multiple wavelengths/bands may be aligned between bands (for calibration) and across bands, producing aligned images or mosaics for each band.
  • Apply Previous Results to New Images - Use the results from a saved registration on new images taken by the same camera or cameras).
  • Number of Images - Process up to 1,000 images at a time
  • Memory image input /output - Images already stored in memory (as opposed to files) may be provided to the software and returned from the software.