Tutorial Examples
Basic Montage
Shows how to build a montage of a set of color fundus images.
Basic Align
Align color fundus images and several images from an FA sequence and view them in an animation
Align with a Fixed Image Target
Align two or more images while keeping one image fixed as the target image
Use i2k Viewer
Explores several ways to use the viewer to examine aligned image results.
Synchronized Mode
Run i2k Retina Pro in synchronized mode, and view corresponding locations of the images side-by-side without any mapping of the images.
Grouping and Montage Sequences, Part 1
Generate sequences of montages, each one taken from a different patient visit, using i2k Retina Pro.
Group and Montage Sequences, Part 2
Shows a second way to generate the groupings of images for a montage sequence.
Montage with two eyes
Montage 15 retinal images that belong to two separate eyes. i2k Retina actually recognizes which images belong to one eye and which the other. With a couple more mouse clicks, i2k Retina produces two fully-blended mosaics, one for each eye.
Longitudinal Study
Organize images taken across 5 years into capture groups, register them incrementally by using the save-and-load feature in the Pro version. Finally, i2k Retina produces a set of aligned mosaics, each of which corresponds to one capture group.